We build web-apps, e-commerce sites and user platforms

We specialize in building robust web platforms and systems without the complexity.

Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions

We are builders and tinkerers at heart, and figuring out how things work, what makes them tick, and then build something that's leaner, more optimised and uniquely our own is what we do best.


Reservation / Rental / Hire / Events
Memberships and User Portals
Real-Estate and Property
Stock Media Marketplace
Scholarship / Job Hunting
Meal Planning / Online Menus
Health / Wellness / Fitness
Online Learning
Sales of Customised Goods


Booking and scheduling
User credits/downloads
In-app messaging
Secure content distribution
Custom payments and subscriptions
AI-powered search
Order management
Dashboards and Trackers

Custom Builds and Functions

Site migrations and rebuilds
Custom search and multi-filter
Multi-step, dynamic forms
Maps and geo functions
Custom video control and interactions
Custom carousels and sliders
Snap/Full-page Scroll
Drag and drop interactions
Custom calculators

Backend Integrations and APIs

CRMs and user auth systems
Form submissions management
Advanced automations and functions
Scheduled Functions/CRON Jobs
Multi-Language Support
AI-Powered custom functions
Tracking and analytics
Database/records syncing
Speed/performance optimisation

Our History

Sfera Studio initially started out as a single-person operation in 2019, and is now a full-stack development agency based in Sabah, Malaysia

Today, we collaborate with creatives, NGOs, entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses from around the globe.

With Webflow still a primary speciality, we have also expanded our service scope to include JS frameworks and headless platforms too.

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There's nothing a great team can't overcome, and nothing gets a team going like an inspiring work environment. We believe an office shouldn't just be a place to work, but to grow, bond and learn.

Working with Sfera

Developing winning solutions

Working to create solutions to complex problems is challenging and potentially unpredictable. Your experience working with us though,
should be the exact opposite.

Once your problem is framed with the right questions, we formulate an approach that leverages wins from past projects, that is informed by your requirements and our pool of expertise.

Your order is setup for success from the very start

Communication is kept open throughout, with updates and checkins throughout development milestones.

Let's figure us out

Are we a match?

We look for wins at Sfera, client Wins that is, as in we want to create solutions that results in WINS for our clients.

And we believe this starts with the right fit. We don't create one-size-fits-all solutions, so before working with you - we focus on getting the answer to this question fast:

Are we the right partner to craft a solution to your unique problem?

This process can take a few different forms - from Zooms, Looms to discussions in boardrooms. We only take on clients and projects that we believe are a great fit. If we're not 110% sure we're able to deliver from a technical and client service stand point, we won't waste your time.

How we work

Sfera works with a version of the agile project development methodology adapted to our in-house workflow to deliver robust solutions at a reasonable development timeframe.

Clients are roped in QA reviews on development milestones whether directly on our Kanban board or through other channels, this ensures projects are headed in the right direction and reduces backtracking.

Revisions, minor pivots and post-delivery support are included by default in all our orders - we believe in open communication lines, building relationships on trust and leaving extra wiggle room to explore solutions to a problem creatively.

Async vid calls

We're big on communication and making sure that we're on the same page with clients every step of the way. Syncing up times to call can be challenging given the typically huge time difference between clients in North America or Europe and us in SEA (South East Asia)

Loom videos are a big part of how we bridge this gap, being our preferred medium for communicating ideas and concepts, technical explanations, demonstrations and feedback.

Our Clients


Hands down one of the most responsive and talented web designers I've had the pleasure of working with. Top-notch communication, very quick to respond (even though we are on different sides of the planet) and helpful. Sufri is on speed dial for me.

Jeff lougheed
Co-founder | Mealgarden

Sufri and his team went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations. They not only completed the assigned tasks but also added a few special touches to our Webflow CMS, which we greatly appreciated! Their patience with our feedback was commendable. We will definitely be working with them again in the future. Thank you!

Bea Quisumbing
Brand Designer | Hometime

...so talented and so patient with detail-oriented founders. 11 out of 10.

Sean Kommer
Ceo | Gradito

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Backend Integrations and APIs

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Custom Builds and Functions

Case Studies

We help businesses build products, platforms, and systems with Webflow. With over five years of experience and a global portfolio of hundreds of clients, we excel in taking businesses beyond the constraints of no/low-code tools, unlocking growth and innovation.